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Running or growing your own business and not having enough time? You might need a dodo to give you a wing!

Locked in on friday night? No problem, whatever you need we'll get it for you. Focus on what really matters...

What can I order?

We move whatever you request as long as it is the size of a carry-on bag (just like in the airports) from an envelope, to a pack of beers or just lunch. You can simply download and order through our app

Product distribution

We focus on giving you the dodo experience, making your errands in less than 30 minutes and in perfect condition.

Run time consuming errands

There's no time to waste in Miami, keep working on what you like the most while we do the rest!

Gift shopping

A special birthday coming soon and can't go gift shopping? No problem, we'll do it for ya!

Anywhere, anything, dodo is here to search and deliver your orders!

Download our dodo app and start making as many orders you need. We are ready to take care of you.

Time is money, let us dodo it

WorkWork smarter, not harder… We run your errands, bring you anything you need. Just tell us what you want and we are good to go!

Do you want to save time and money?

We look for your packages, products, orders or whatever you need while you continue working in your business.

  1. dodo increases your day to day productivity⁣,⁣ We help you run errands in miami!
  2. No fees charged to your business

Don't leave for tomorrow what we can do for you today!

One of the services that people request the most from us is custom deliveries.

  1. We deliver to you whatever you want, anywhere in Miami
  2. Send a gift to someone who you love, we'll take it for ya!⁣
  3. You can ask anything to dodo from any place of the world to be delivered in Miami.

Simple price quotation

You just have to pay for what you need, whenever you want. We are there for you.

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How does dodo run work?

dodo is the easiest and best way to get whatever you need whenever you need it. Simply add a pick up location, where you want it delivered and specify in the description what exactly do you need. A dodo runner will then be assigned to you and if you need to give the runner further instructions or add an image of a specific product you are requesting you can do so in the app chat! We truly encourage our runners and customers to make use of the chat so you can get exactly what you need in the way you want it. You name it we do it!

What happens if I have a problem with my order?

If you have any kind of issues such as bring wrongfully charged for a run, a mistake on a previous order, a problem with the runner or anything out of the norm you can leave your information letting us know what happened, and as soon as one of our associates receives it we will send you a response from the claims team with a solution right away so you don’t have to worry and we can all keep running. Your feedback is greatly appreciated!

What can I order?

We move whatever you request as long as it is the size of a carry-on bag (just like in the airports) from an envelope, to a pack of beers or just lunch. You can simply download and order through our app!

What happens if a runner cancels a run?

You will be notified and we will find the next available runner to fulfill your request, also, you will not be charged any additional fee if a runner decides to cancel your order under any circumstance.

Can I have several orders at the same time?

dodo is the only app in the market that allows you to manage different deliveries or “runs” at the same time, with different addresses and different runners working to fulfill your needs. Through the app you are able to manage your orders and see where they are at all times that way you are always in the loop and you can always let them know of any changes through our interactive chat.

What happens if I cancel a run?

Once and order has been made and a dodo runners assigned to you we give a 2 minute grace period for you to cancel at no cost. If the order is cancelled after that grace period we will charge you the call out fee which goes directly to the runner for its time. Always double check addresses before confirming an order. If you though we wrongfully charged a cancellation fee you can always let us know through our help portal and we will be more than glad to assist you.

How does dodo charge my card?

Once you have sent an order dodo will automatically charge your card for the minimum of any ride that way we know your card has funds. If the runner had to buy a product for you we will charge the rest once it has been marked delivered and with the receipt uploaded alongside any tip you let the runner which we encourage our customers to leave.

How is the dodo runner paid?

Runners are paid per “run” with a base fee for each call out and an additional small amount per distance, your tip is greatly appreciated it and they keep 100% of it! They work hard and we make sure only the best makes it into our system so you can have the best experience in your deliveries and runs.